i can hear sounds
they keep crying out
You're not the only voice in my life anymore. I've spent time with others. I'm a curse. A freak. I know that, and he knows it too. But guess what? He still accepts me. He still forgives me.

I'm tired of this world and everybody in it. I'll become his sword one last time!


i thought hell was supposed to be on fire | intro/open

the staccato that heels against pavement produced could be heard across a plaza. everything had gone quiet— the sight of a scantily clad woman seems to have silenced the majority of the chatter. she refused take notice, instead choosing to observe her surroundings. really, after all the fits people back in her hometown threw about damnation this and that, you’d think it’d be a real shithole.

" this sure doesn’t look like hell. "
coming to a stop, she notices that the area looks similar to the buildings back at the Shadowlord’s pad. no… she was sure she’d burned away— there wasn’t a trace of her left… she even thanked that son of a bitch! she remembers!

then, why was she still here.

slowly, as she continues her trek into the city, she remembers bits and pieces of things. a grail. a war. a servant— that’s right, something brought her back—forced was more like it— into a godforsaken war. some shit about a servant and wishes; almost like a fairytale. it expected her to fight too? can’t she take a break for more than five fucking seconds!?

despite being lost in her own thoughts, she soon notices a particular stare. it was one among many, but this one was different, and it pissed her off; mostly due to her preexisting frustration as the sudden events. she glares back, her uncouth mouth making its first of many appearances.

" the fuck are you looking at. "